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Social media marketing strategy

  •    alina silwal
  •   August 9, 2016
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In these year like 2016, where technology takes a huge part in ones life, whether its personal or professional. Above all, Social media holds a crucial part in marketing department. Social media is a wonderful place for brands to have little fun but also has a real and measurable impact on business.

To ensure your social media marketing is enhancing your business objectives, we have put together 7 steps guides.

1.Focus on quality content

why are you marketing in social media? what is the purpose? Some may wants to bring traffic in their website or blog or any other purpose. Some of people may wants to bring awareness & some may wants to advertise their brands. Whatever it is just have clean intention and goal of marketing in social media & Focus on quality content rather than quantity. Engage people with your content.

2.  Identify Ideal customer

Try to know about your clients. Know your target audience, their age, occupation, interests, problems, likes, dislikes motivations and objectives. So, that you know how can you be the one to solve their problems and what are you doing to offer the solutions for their problems . Thats why its important to know target audience.

3. Specialize social media to focus on

It is hard if you are beginners & into so many social media platform cause their is so many things to master. whether its facebook , instagram , youtube , & so on. If you are engage in everywhere you may lack to put quality content & may endup in quantity work. So, if you specialize which platforms are best to grow your business, choose those (max. 2) & work on that. You don´t need to be everywhere if you cant put up best. So, specialize the best and stand out as bestest.

4. Batch content creation

Have a session brainstorm the idea of content to be putting in social media to go ahead and create it. Keeping consistent with posting on social media is a challenge. So to balance that challenge collect content. For example : Identify the day and time of week, sit down and brainstorm to create content for a week so you can post it consistently. Once you have a content you are good to go. It is so much easier to drip that content and post them gradually a week.

5.Post / Schedule Content

So, You got all of your content. Now its time to post. You can come up with publishing schedule for yourself. You can decide to post them manually. On a daily basis or you can decide to schedule some of the content and post manually through out the day or week. Its totally upto you. So, It should be based on your schedule, your target audience and your social media platform.


It is one of the important aspect in social media. Social media is a two way conversation. It´s not like you are posting and thats it . It needs to be two way. So, when you get new followers, tweet back to them and say thanks for following. If someone comment on your post reply back to them. Engage with your audience and be attentive & connect.

7. Measuring

And at the end, Measure things whether everything is in right place or not. Keep measuring your work, changes. How much you content or your way of marketing in social media is affecting your business or anything you are doing here and there. If your marketing strategy needs some changes or not. To keep it right keep Measuring work.


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