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Delivering an amazing eCommerce experience is a great first step. But people won’t fall in love with your store or buy your products if they can’t find you. We know how to use SEO to make your website, application stand out, rise up, and be noticed.

Our unique SEO DNA system allows us to identify your target audience, determine the appropriate keywords, and then build a comprehensive SEO plan that drives website traffic and increases organic engagement. Using the most innovative technologies, we help your most promising prospects find you!

Why is Search Engine
Optimization so important?

  • 75% of consumers search online before purchasing a product or service. That is a large proportion of potential customers that you could be missing out on if your website can not be found. So we focus on generating high-quality site traffic through a long-term SEO strategy. As we always explain to all our clients that this is not an overnight success and it can take our SEO team at least 6 months before we reach some key results. We use our expertise, market knowledge, local knowledge, latest methods, and leading technologies to create an SEO strategy to gain results.

    SEO is VERY IMPORTANT and if you are not consulting any SEO Company in Nepal for your marketing strategy your competitors have an online advantage over your brand.

Our Process

01.Initial Analysis

While beginning an SEO campaign, we have to look at your company, website, industry, and competitive landscape so that we can provide a certain estimation on how much time and work it requires for your site to reach the desired Google top.

02.Auditing Website

Then in the second phase in auditing, a website for SEO is to have a look at your current rank, review your website's analytics, and determine the keywords that will set you apart.

03.Competitive Analysis

Once the completion of auditing the website, we will run a competitive analysis to compare your content and other SEO factors against those of your competitor and help to come up with a plan and implement it on your site to improve your rank.

04.Keyword Identification

We do proper research using keyword planner, ask your customers to review your products, and find out the keywords already successful before making any changes to your website. We'll find out how you should be describing your store or products to rank highly in searches.

05.Keyword Implementation

Then we implement the keywords which are most relevant to your product or services. These keywords will then be implemented in various parts of your website including your homepage, product page, category page, service page, and other CMS pages by adding keywords to meta titles, and meta descriptions, and many more as it ensures your visibility in search results.

06.Product page optimization

Every page on your website should be optimized for search engines. We'll review each page of your website in-depth to ensure that you're targeting long-tail keywords, that your images are optimized with alt text, and that you're not missing crucial SEO elements like title tags.

07.Navigation Optimization

Your website should be easy for users to navigate and understand. There are various ways to make your website navigation friendly such as breadcrumb, internal linking, HTML, XML sitemaps, etc. We use any of these methods to add links and keywords to your pages and give your users a chance to find their way when they are lost.

08.Content Production

Decent and original content also add SEO value to your website. Content can be in any form such as blogs, articles, press releases, whitepapers, or ebooks. Content marketing strategy ensures the traffic to your website and tells your potential customers that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy.