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Your brand is not just a logotype or a trade-mark. It is a complex design system, a perfect mechanism, where every detail works in tune with others. It needs to show the world who you are and resonate with your audience. They are built around the vision, value, and ethos of their business and provide a basis for everything else.

Depending on your goals and the niche you take, we will define the essentials of your brand identity. It could be solid and robust, or light and dignified, depending on your communication strategy and positioning.

The design system we create lays the groundwork for further communication with your clients, while the brand book or simple style guide will serve as the set of instructions on how to build a visual dialogue.

Branding in the
digital age

  • Brand strategy

    What does your company have to offer this world? Why are you here, and why should customers care? We help simplify, revitalize, and unfold the core purpose of your business.

    Visual identity

    A visual identity is the opportunity to make people fall in love with your brand and to make it timeless. From start-ups to global brands, a visual identity is a chance to establish your company as an industry leader.

Branding Strategy

Our process is strong, demanding, and highly collaborative. We help your client see your brand from a different perspective.



  • Discuss with client
  • Aim of the project
  • Workshop
  • Market analysis
  • User Research


  • Visual exploration
  • Concept development
  • Concept design
  • Sketching
  • Moodboards
  • Prototyping


  • Refining concept
  • Look and feel
  • Core elements
  • Guidelines
  • Examples
  • Deliverables


  • Implementation
  • Touchpoints production
  • Improvements
  • Launch & support
  • Evaluation