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Importance of Data Science in Business

Anushka March 05, 2020 l 5 mins read

What is Data Science specifically? In simple words, it’s about using data to solve problems. Data Science is a complex blend of several disciplines including technology, algorithm development, and data interference. In its essence data science is all about using different systems, and processes. The basic goal of data science is to solve analytically multiplex problems. In this era, many popular companies are using Data Science for promoting their regular process. This article is all about how data science is a must for every business. 

As data science is all about using data to solve problems. The scope of these problems is vast. A few ways of how data science can be used are as follows:

  • Improving internal problem development processes by looking at points where faults are most likely to happen
  • Improving customer reservation by finding out what the triggers of the swirl might be.
  • Targeting customers with the right sales messages at the right time.
  • Informing product development by looking at how people use your products.
  • Analyzing customer sentiment on social media

Just like many other sciences, data science is not just focused on theories and techniques that are exclusively used in one field of knowledge. It relies on methods and theories from at least five large areas i.e. computer science, information science, operation research, statistics, and mathematics. In the recent period, data science is often mentioned in the context of services. The implementation of the data science method usually goes through external software solutions and tools with an ability to automate the process of analysis by relying on data storage from the organization. 

To anyone asking is data science important for business, the answer is actually quite straight forward. It’s important because it solves business problems. Once you and your management team recognize the fact, you’re on the right track. Too often business wants machine learning, big data projects without thinking about what they are really trying to do. If you want your data scientists to be successful, present them with the problems, let them create the solutions. 

Here  are some advantages of data science in business:

  • To migrate risks and frauds.

Data scientists are trained to identify data that stands out in some way. They create statistical, network, path and big data methodologies for predictive fraud ability models and use those to create alerts that help ensure timely responses when unusual data is recognized.

  • To deliver relevant products.

They know when and where their products sell best. This can deliver the right products at the right time and can help companies develop new products to meet their customer’s needs.

  • To personalize the customer experience.

Data science has the ability for sales and marketing teams to understand their audience on a very granular level. With this knowledge, an organization can create the best possible customer experiences.

Knowledge is power in business, and data is the fuel that creates this power. It is estimated that by the end of this year data volume will reach 44 trillion gigabytes. Being able to harness the power of this data through data science is extremely valuable. Taking an analytical approach based on numbers, facts, and, statistics can supply a reasonable solution that might not have seemed apparent at first. Because of the insight that data science can offer, more and more businesses are utilizing the power of data science to make evidence-based decisions, promote employee training, and understand their customers. Investing in a data science expert or data science technology can begin to add value to your business in these following ways:

  • Better decision making with quantifiable evidence
  • Improving the relevance of your product
  • Recruiting the best talent
  • Training staff
  • Finding your target audience

Business today has become data-centric. This means that the business of the world utilize data to make decisions and grow their company in the direction that the data provides. There are many ways by which Data Science is helping to run in a better way. Some of the importance of Data Science are as follows:

Importance of Data Science

  • Business Intelligence for Making Smarter Decisions

Data Science has rendered Business Intelligence to incorporate a wide range of business operations. With the massive increase in the volume of data, businesses need data scientists to analyze and derive meaningful insights from the data. The meaningful insights will help the data science companies to analyze information on a large scale and gain necessary decision-making strategies. The process of decision making involves the evaluation and assessment of various factors involved in it such as understanding the context and nature of the problem, quantifying the quality of the data, implementation of the right algorithm and tools, and translating sights for a better understanding of the team.

  • Making Better Products

Industries require data to develop their product in the best possible way. The process involves the analysis of customer reviews to find the best fit for the products. Industries utilize the current market trends to devise a product for the masses. These market trends provide business with clues about the current need of the product. With the growth in data, industries are able to implement not only newer products but also various innovative strategies.

  • Managing Business Efficiently

With data science, companies can predict the success rate of their strategies. Data scientists are responsible for turning raw data into cooked data. This helps in summarizing the performance of the company and the health of the product. Data science identifies key metrics that are essential for the determination of business performance. With this, business can take important measures to quantify and evaluate its performance and the appropriate management steps. It can also help the managers to analyze and determine the potential candidates for the business. Using data science, the business can also foster leadership development by tracking the performance, success rate, and other important metrics.

  • Leveraging Data for Business Studies

Future predictions are necessary for the business to learn about future outcomes. Based on this, the business takes decisions that are data-driven. In the past, many businesses would take poor decisions due to the lack of surveys or sole reliance on gut feelings.

It would result in some disastrous decisions leading to losses in millions. So, business decisions can be made with the help of powerful tools that can not only process data faster but also provide accurate results.

  • Assessing Business Decisions

After making the decisions, the business should understand how these decisions affect their performance and growth. If the decision leads to any negative factor, they should analyze it and eliminate the problem that is showing down their performance. There are various procedures through which businesses can evaluate their decisions and plan a suitable action strategy. These decisions revolve around their customer requirements, company goals as well as the needs of the project executives.

  • Automating Recruitment Processes

Data Science has played a key role in bringing automation to several industries. Every day, companies have to deal with hordes of applicant’s resumes. Some major businesses can even attract thousands of resumes for a position. In order to make sense of all of these resumes and select the right candidate, businesses make use of data science. The data science technologies like image recognition are able to convert the visual information from the resume into a digital format. It then processes the data using various analytical algorithms like clustering and classification to churn out the right candidate for the job. Furthermore, businesses study the right trends and analyze potential applicants for the job.


In the end, we understand how data science plays an important role in businesses. We realized how data science is being used for business intelligence, for improving products, for increasing the management capabilities of companies and for predictive analytics. We also went through a use case of Walmart and how they utilize data science to increase their efficiency.

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