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How to Choose Mobile App Development Company in Nepal

Anushka March 15, 2021 l 6 mins read

Mobile phones have been molded together with us in our everyday life as mobile phones are no longer the medium for communication as they used to be earlier. The massive progress in the field of mobile technology, having access to high-speed internet, and changes in the communicative interface in these devices turned the table around in the technological field with the development of various mobile applications. With the increase in the number of users of smartphones, various app development has increased too. This way we can access everything just under our fingerprints. A few years back, people were compelled to use the computer even for simple tasks like checking emails, accessing the internet, and all. But now everything is accessible on mobile phones. These days various task like buying foods, air tickets, booking hotel rooms, is done through smartphones. 


Today, smartphones are used almost to perform every task which is accessible online. People who use social media are phenomenal. Social media has no longer been the means of just keeping in touch with family and friends but is a platform for business. Mobile apps offer gaming apps in numbers. These apps for leisure activities have proven that mobile apps are no longer just relevant for communication and business but also for relaxation. Game, music, books, movies, fitness, whatever you say, you can now count on smartphones. There are mobile apps for every factor of life and undoubtedly it has made life easy on a daily basis. The mobile app development industry is taking off providing the required satisfaction and needs of the mobile app users in Nepal.

We live in a time of technology where users are moving in faster.  Mobile applications are now the main channel of digital interactions. The importance of mobile phones in our everyday life is eternal which increases the demand for further innovative apps for almost every field. Mobile apps for business can give numerous advantages to almost every sector. Now it’s high time that businesses need to think about how to use mobile apps to gain more growth and increase customer reach. 

Mobile apps for business

Customer satisfaction and sales go hand in hand. When customer satisfaction increases, it is sure for sales to increase. Also when your sales are going upward, if possible launch a mobile app for your business as it helps with the growth of your sales and profit. It’s quite impossible to reach clients at the same time at different places. The major benefit of the business mobile application is it offers great exposure to different mobile devices at the same time. Apps are now the basic requirement that boosts business growth. In order to compete with other businesses, it’s important to improve the efficiency of the mobile application. The mobile application is one of the best ways to create loyal customers. A mobile application allows any business to directly communicate with customers. And when it comes to products and services, you want your customers to recall your brand first.

Benefits of mobile apps for the company 

  • Build and cultivate customer loyalty

With the mobile app, you can build an instantaneous and direct relationship with your customers and gain your loyalty. Customers find it helpful if they can locate the exact product they are looking for along with the simple buying option. A mobile app can build customer loyalty with interactive programs that increase user engagement.

  • Enhance your accessibility

Mobile apps are easily accessible by buyers. Customers should feel secure to purchase and interact with your brand in a mobile environment. If customers are satisfied with your app, then they will suggest it to others too. This helps to move forward with your closest competitors.

  • Make your brand quick

The mobile application allows you to resolve customer questions, makes them aware of the discounts or offers you are providing, gives a platform to directly interact with the company and suggest services the way they want. Mobile apps make customer service a simpler and more efficient process for businesses.

  • Helps to build a database of clients

Whenever someone downloads your app for various reasons, you can have the additional benefit of collecting the information about the user with their permission and can use those data in targeting them through ads and recommendations. This data proves to be highly valuable to a business that wants to know what content is optimal for their target audience.

If you consider developing a mobile app for your company then hiring a mobile application development agency is the best decision. But if you don’t have prior information then you will not be able to select the right mobile app development company. Featuring a mobile app is more important than launching your own mobile app. So hiring a mobile app development company will help to focus on the highlight of the business. The developers must provide services in areas like android application development, iOS application development, maintenance, UI/UX design, and many more.

Factors to consider while Hiring a Mobile app development

  • Check portfolio

The portfolio of the company must be checked before hiring mobile app development. Go through the work samples so that you can have an overview of their knowledge and experience in the respective field. Check the software names and links in the app stores built by them to understand the technology used by them.

  • Expertise

Expert mobile app development companies enable their client’s app feature and functionalities requirements into an actual working prototype. From time to time, they also suggest an additional feature with suitable frameworks that can be implemented. It is also vital to see that the software can be integrated with other systems and workflows.

  • App Services

The main thing that matters the most is the customer services you provide to users via an application. Request your development company to integrate in-app calling and chat features to support your users at the right when they need it. The app should be responsive, easy to use, and easy to install.

  • Code Ownership

Code ownership is important while working with an app development company. If you do now won the code, you are liable to stay dependent on the development company every time when you need to update your app. But this is not the case if the service provider has an in-house development team and code ownership.

  • Cost of the services

Asking for the package beforehand is a great idea. It helps you save and manage the budget and also provides you with better services as most of the app development companies have the trait to sell all their services to their clients.

  • Wireframe Development

Before assigning the project to the company make sure if they are providing the wireframe development services. It will help you check their experience and whether they have understood your app requirements. You can find various companies offering free wireframe development and some are providing for a discounted price.

  • Timeline of Submission

Before assigning the project, make sure if they have adequate developers in the company. This is required as the company works on many projects simultaneously. You must decide on the development and delivery timeline of the mobile app.

  • Testing mobile app

Before handing over the app to the customers, companies must test mobile applications on smartphones. You can ask mobile app developers to monitor the quality and check for bugs. If there is any bug then ask them to fix it. After testing, it is the best time for the launch of the app in the app stores. You can ask for custom mobile app development services for the deployment process on various app stores.

  • Domain Expertise

The hired company must have the required certification and expertise for developing the mobile app. They must have the required domain expertise. They must have the capability to check the working of mobile apps.

Our team at Spica Technology is also expert and experienced in developing all types of mobile apps. Customers’ satisfaction is our main priority. We don’t leave any stones unturned in case of giving the best result to the customer. Consult us if you are looking for a mobile app development company in Nepal to create the best application for your business. We would be more than happy to help you out with everything and make your business stand out with others.

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