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Few Essential Elements for a better e-Commerce Website

Anushka September 18, 2020 l 3 mins read

e-Commerce websites are rapidly becoming a better alternative to the more traditional retail shop. The list of benefits of e-Commerce is unlimited, even though actual retail is hard to replace as the experience of shopping in a physical store is irreplaceable. 

Managing and running an eCommerce business is not easy. You need to consider many things before even getting into it. The first thing that you need for an eCommerce business is a website. An e-Commerce website is not as simple to create as any other ordinary website. From website design to its performance, and from user experience to customer experience, there are many things you need to take care of.

E-commerce web development is considered as the most important development these days. A huge community is turning their head to the digital world to do the business and generate high revenue. More than half of the business contributors are a direct outcome of e-commerce development and designing. 

There are countless e-Commerce websites online but most of them are not successful because they make blunder mistakes that make the efforts of such businesses useless. Here are some important elements of e-Commerce web development which will give you better achievement in your online store. 

  • Responsive Design

It is well-known that almost every person carries a smartphone and with the help of which they can also do shopping in a convenient manner. This is where the need for responsive design arises. Responsive design makes the website accessible on several mobile platforms and desktops. It makes the website usable for consumers and enhances the online product sale.

  • Easy Navigation

Ecommerce brands are spending huge amounts of money to bring visitors to their websites. It is crucial for brands to build websites that can guide visitors to make a purchase. That’s why your site’s navigation should help shoppers find products quickly and easily. Good navigation can help you improve user experience and lead to more sales and revenue. On the other hand, poor navigation can annoy users and lead to a higher bounce rate.

  • Popular products on the home page

You need to showcase the bestselling products in the front showcase of your retail outlet because customers would first look for your popular products in your store. Similarly, you need to showcase or add your best selling products to your home page so that customers can easily choose their desired products from your home page without wasting their time.

  • Shipping details

To grab more customers, you can offer free shipping on your eCommerce website. Normally, shipping options and details are given at the right corner of eCommerce websites and customers can also find such details during the check-out. But, to maintain transparency, you need to add the shipping details and varying costs based on the geographical locations on your website.

  • Price filters

You need to design your eCommerce website with some product category and you must add price filter options on your home page. People can easily use this option to choose your products within their budget. You must include transparent price details along with the shipping cost and taxes on your website.

  • Security

If you’re selling anything online, you need to put some effort into securing your site with an SSL certificate. The SSL will encrypt communications between you and your clients (i.e. a debit or credit card number, Social Security number), which will allay their fears of providing such information since there’s so much identity theft on the web.

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