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Content Marketing for SEO Growth

Anushka November 13, 2019 l 4 mins read

There’s a small debate going on related to the topic either Content Writing and SEO go together side by side or are they two different individuals who don’t care much about each other. Do they really fit together? The fact is Content Marketing and SEO actually are reciprocal to each other. We must be aware of the fact that they complement each other, overlap and blend. Before jumping into the relationship between these two let’s have a look at what these factors have to offer individually.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the art of marketing technique of creating, publishing and distributing content to the targeted group of people through digital marketing in order to increase the sales of the company’s products and services online.

In simple words, content marketing is a long-term strategy that basically focuses on the targeted group of viewers by offering the best quality content.

Content can be in any form from a blog post to images, videos to podcasts, infographics and so on. Content plays a vital role in content marketing

Bill Gates once said, “Content is King”. Digital marketing can’t function without good quality content. So marketers have to pay serious attention to improve their brand in the market and reach up to the consumer. Content is the convincing factor for customers to choose the brand and its business. Content must be exciting enough to lure your clients and solve any particular issues. 

In our daily lives, knowingly or unknowingly we are surrounded by content; millions of contents are being published on a daily basis. So people look after various contents available on the internet. 

Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Quality content drives more traffic to the site
  • Brand awareness with useful content to the targeted group of audience
  • Quality content helps to build trust with the customers
  • Helps in a stronger relationship with the customer with good content
  • Content similar to blogs continue to generate traffic long after they get published
  • More content gives the reason for the visitor to stick around
  • Generate online sales and try to increase it
  • Last but not least, content helps you improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search visibility.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of web traffic from natural or organic web search results. 

In clear words, SEO is remarkable because it makes a website more visible to the viewers which results in generating more traffic to the website and more opportunities created to convert prospects into customers. 

People typically use SEO techniques to optimize their site around keywords relevant to their business. Also to gain new, valuable and credible backlinks from high authority web domains. The main motto in doing so is to:

  • Improve the Search Engine Result Page (SERP)
  • Increase brand visibility and awareness among the targeted group of audience
  • Attract more website traffic

How Content Marketing Improves SEO?
In today’s context, Content Marketing and SEO have taken over digital marketing. For now, we have come to know that Content Marketing Strategies and SEO are working towards the same goal.

Content is a vital part of SEO. Its the tool you use to reach and engage the audience. Adding strong content to your site will improve its authority. The better your SEO, the better your content will perform. So with this, we can relate that content marketing is the key point for the growth of SEO

By creating valuable and informative content around relevant keywords, you will not only rank better on search engines but will also establish brand loyalty and high conversion rates. 

To have a better outlook and keeping things in order:

  • SEO demands content and content marketing delivers those demands.
  • SEO needs keywords. Content Marketing uses these keywords.
  • SEO relies on backlinks. Content Marketing is the route to backlinks.

Keywords optimization is done while content is being published. Here content plays the role of the mediator i.e. google search for new keywords whenever new article gets published.

The higher the number of content, the higher the ranking in the Google Search Engine Listing. The number of pages in the content will increase the ranking in Google listing. While content quantity is very essential for identifying and targeting potential audience with the relevant keywords.

→ Content authority can easily be increased if you have effective and attractive content which also helps in google search rankings.

 In a nutshell, SEO campaigns won’t have the desired effect until and unless you integrate a proper content writing strategy to it and vice versa. Creating a quality SEO planning along with a content market strategy can lead you towards your digital marketing goals. So choosing one over other shouldn’t be your preference. The two factors are completely co-related and dependent on one another for digital growth. So to the point clear, SEO is all about content marketing and content marketing is all about SEO which helps in uplifting each other.

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